Sunday, June 29, 2008

Angels-do they exist?

I have just finished reading "the Valkyries by Paulo Coelho..I must say all self help books aren't same though most of them find these books boring.Anyways I ain't here to discuss this stuff.

After reading it,I asked myself do angels really exist or the author had used some imaginations to create the existence of angels.Whether I need an angel for myself or belief in the presence of God is enough?And if angels exist,how can I see one?Or can I say my special friends as an angel?What is the purpose of angels?

I think really have more than 1 angel.I really don't know whether i can call my friend an angel or not.But why bother on what others would say or think about it.Its my life and I have my own principles.Being a hardcore Aries,I am the leader who follows own principles.Anyways,there is 1 buddy of mine who is entitled to be called as "My Angel" and I cant disclose his/her name here(I am possessive about the angel and cant let it go from my life).

Here goes my journey about the angel.Hmm I guess I can share that I met my friend on public forum that I joined just for curiosity that I came across its website at a Quiz competition.First I talked to him at the forum.Believe me not always the first impression the last one.He wasn't at his decent best when I talked to him always in the mood for stupid jokes on me and leg pulling.I came to know being a fresher always attract ragging.Never mind,I talked to everyone to acknowledge myself with others.Then I started talking to him and realised that he isn't that bad guy.Then I got an opportunity to meet him .He was really a decent guy I have ever came across.He is a sweet guy who knows is quiet courteous and very much decent.He found me sweet too but I guess that's just because of my tag line "sweet".I was also curious to know about what he thinks of me.I just thought him to categorise him in good friend.

No other thought,but is true that if friendship is true,distance doesn't matters.After a single meet,we kept in touch through mobile.He has been selfless person and always there for me.I used to talk to him very late at night or you can very early morning.He never minds my stupid jokes and me talking like an idiot.Sometimes we can say that love exists in friendship too.Love is not always between the lovers(I hate the term boyfriend and girlfriend).This love means caring for your friend endlessly.I have a good circle of friends but I have never been myself with anyone else.But with him,I don't know what clicked me or what attracted me to trust him blindly.Though I have a bitter past behind me,that made me not to trust anyone.Even if I trust someone and get hurt ,I can forgive and forget it.

Anyways ,I dun think I went wrong with the beginning.I got my answer that my angel is with me.Maybe God wanted to send it at the right time and at the right place...(hehehe.public forum---right place).I would pray God to protect my angel and keep him happy always.I wish good luck for future to my angel.Always be there for me otherwise I would pull your ears down.Miss Ya hamesha...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strange $mile-but definitely a Lovely One

My smile has an infection to spread,catch it.
My eyes has a word to say,understand them.
My hair has a style to show,see it.
My cheeck has an emotion to express ,feel it.
The beauty of my face has it own language,decode it.
Perhaps,my silence is powerful than my word.

Sometimes even strangers get it more clearly than my loved ones.I know that stranger thing sounds strange but you know what I am a strange blogger too that strange things happen to me in this strange world.

Ahaan...Strange reminds me of strange incidents of my life.One of the incident happened few months back.I was on way to home from the heart of Delhi.At a traffic stop,there was a temple on the side.Being a pride Hindu,I made a religous gesture that is a communication between the Lord and me.I was unaware that I was being watched by someone in a Quallis ahead me.That guy smiled at me.I was confused whether it was to poke a laugh at me or a sign of appreciation.This Question arose and went to recycle bin because I knew that I can't get its absolute answer.I tried to divert my mind to some other thought just like a monkey jump from one tree to another if it is unable to get something from one tree.So mind jumped to another tree of thought but my eyes were on that tree only.Ironically that car was ahead me for a while .First i thought to give that guy a nasty stare but my mood was already gloomy,so i could not do that.Perhaps he understood I amnt fine so he again smiled and gestured to ask why I stopped smiling.His concern for me made me smile as I keep on forgetting that I have an infectious and beautiful smile.This really melted my heart and made me relish the goodness of human nature.I realished I have a beautiful smile and I should not forget smiling.Though it doesnt sound a special thing but to me it meant a lot.A moment of smile washes the thought of sorrows to the recycle bin of mind of my mind.

Another similar sort of incident occurred when I was with my family at a bakery.But I was very upset at that time.Even the sight of chocolates couldnt please me at that time.My parents bought a chocolate mousse despite my big "No" tantrums.I ate it and spat it outand spoke rubbish about it infront of the cashier.He kept his cool and asked to take something else.He could have lost his peace of mind when I misbehaved like this.Instead he animatedly asked me to smile(this moment wasnt foreseen by by anyone except he and me).I was really moved by his gestureand felt some peace.

I thanked God for sending such angelic souls on the Earth to spread smile..Given a chance I would like to thank these persons verbally.But I guess I have done this already though internally.
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