Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1.Read at your own risk.
2.There is nothing for you to enjoy in this blog.
3.I don't wish to answer your queries regarding my post.
4.I don't expect anything

My eyes are wet yet tearless because my tears are defying the gravity.Lips are neither smiling nor  frown.Face is too numb to react.Neither I like your company nor mine.I let the wind touch my hair and kiss my face.
I really don't know where i lost my smile.But this seems difficult time for the time being and people around me.When I used to inspire others to smile and I have lost this asset.
The problem is how to recover my smile,a curve that used to set  up everything alright.It gives me strange blues.
This is not what I wish to blog but there is something that is unsaid and probably it can't be expressed in words.