Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ideal V-Day

Before you read the poem,I would like to wish you happy valentine week to all..This poem i wrote during my teenage years and I know its filmy type because its imaginative...Hope I am able to keep your love spirit high:)

Another sunny morning and its Valentine Day,
I have just got an invitation in my way.
Its an invite for date from anonymous guy
I kept wondering who sent it and why
While driving to my college,I thought about it very much
That's who could be fooling me by inviting me for such heavenly affair that costs too much bucks.
On a signal stop,I took out my pocket mirror to check if I am looking good
Then came a motorist & showered flowers on my car and drove away so fast as he could
I thought its some well planned prank and joke
planned by my friends & folks.
All of a sudden I heard heavy loud noise & relished a helicopter is above me at a height
As I came out of my car,it rained flowers red and white.
After this someone screamed "Shruti!I love you"
I shivered & mumbled who are you.
Again I heard him say "please meet me in evening"
I thought to teach him a judo lesson in the meeting
Though I am romantic at heart but I don't like this publicity.
I would give him a punch & a lecture as I am witty.
Dumbfounded by this event,I reached my B school
And shared this with my buddies who called me lucky and cool
While readying for this hyped date I wore black top and floral skirt
& got ready to see who is he-genuine or just a rich spoil brat
On my way to the venue ,I kept wondering who is he.
Is he smart,intelligent and as I want my Mr.Right to be.
On reaching I was seated on one place & was requested to be seated on one place & wait
Impatiently i crossed my fingers & kept expecting my fate.
Then arrived a huge bouquet & my wait came to end.
And I was swept off my feet to see it was X(my best friend)
First he greeted me & then sat on his knees to propose me
I never imagined he loves me,as he been special friend to me.
Holding my hand while on his knees,he asked me "would you be mine"
Blushingly I said yes & he asked champagne or wine.
I was still overwhelmed that he is my Mr.Right
as he was looking stunning in suit of white
He asked me if he really like my Mr.Right
I smiled and whispered yes of course you are right..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Another day

Most of my day travel is done via Delhi metro.Sometimes I am in hurry,sometimes I have idle time with me,yet I prefer metro to any other mode of public transport while commuting locally.You would catch me with ears engulfed withe headphones and that too mostly with soft music.
Wait!!!before proceeding,let me ask you one thing ....Are you getting bored already??Did I said I write to please you or to woo you...Don't go by its looks,use your brain.lastly don't expect anything from me :)
If you have seen Delhi metro,you must be aware that it has doors on opposite sides as well out of which one opens at each station.I always try to stand near the door (anyone) and look out for scenery out.If the train is moving and I look in it backward direction,then I am reminded of memories..May be you can say that life is about moving ahead and nothing is permanent.Everything is temporary in life...We shouldn't carry any regret or failure for a longer period of time..Failure is when you didn't tried,so its better to fail and rise rather than letting it untried....
And if I am facing the direction where the metro is moving,then I think I am moving ahead.And life have some opportunities to shine upon..Always be happy and keep smiling.....
That's what i have to say in this post.....Take care