Friday, October 30, 2009


Had some questions and thoughts while I was feeling low,so here I pen down those here.

We do resist change ,isn't it?But when I want to bring some change,it doesn't stays too long.

Why am I too good (my perception),can't I become the opposite?
Why am I like the way others like me?
When we can have plastic surgery for complete make over,what is needed for the nature make over?
Can't a good human being become devil though the opposite is possible?
Can't I fake myself-my smile ,my eyes which gives the right picture of my mood ?
Can't I expect you to become like I want you to be?
Why do I fulfill your expectations,without any complaint?
Why do I really care for you too much,just to be hurted later?
Why do you leave me alone when I need you the most?Did I ever I left you isolated?
Why do I compromise most of the times?
Why isn't there a complaint box which could quench the thirst of my questions?

Why I can't hate you even ?
Why do I forget and forgive you for your sins that hurted me?
Why do I have to be faced by troubled waters too much?
Why are you harsh to me?
Why can't you be a rosy picture for me?
Why I am a good human being?

All these questions are addressed to my life/my Lord.I know I won't get any answer from Him but his Angels might help me out by the way they want to get in touch with me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just Another Encounter

After a long vacation,I am missing the late morning sleeps :(and the cold weather made it worse.As usual I boarded bus and was by myself.Then I saw another girl,who was really charming.I gave her a meek smile to acknowledge her beauty to her.In return she showed me the similar curve on her lips.

To entertain myself,I plugged the ear phones and tune in to soft and smoothing music.Along with that I was looking out of the window but something turned my eyes towards that girl again.She was placing her hair behind her ears but I guess the wind didn't like that and again blew her hair.Her naturally silky hair add grace to her angelic face.I admire her beautiful hair which could not defend the power of the wind power.Her eyes were another captivating thing apart from her hair.I caught of the moment she was making some funny faces and expressing happiness.It was an co-incident that she was too going the same place.I relished her beauty till she was with me.

Alas!It was my friend's call and mobile was no longer in my hands.So she disappeared till I got time to see my reflection.
PS-edited last part of it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some thoughts

Some thoughts have long life..Isn't?I hope you understand me.This is one thought which was born when I realized that everything is temporary that includes materialistic possessions ,and relationships.

I have been very possessive of some people ,better not to name them.What would they think if they came to know of this?Would they like it or they won't?What you say?This possessiveness don't hold that normal degree,it can go extreme.
I am not a gizmo freak but yeah I love my mobile,specially when it is bought by my savings :)This is the most guarded asset of mine or rather the only.

Sounds odd that we all have same possessiveness though the degree may be nil to the extreme.Anyways,a little gesture moved me.When I came to know a girl who was upset just for losing her calculator.This was stolen by someone from car while she was attending tuition.Now she is extra careful about her things like holding mobile very tightly and suspecting all strangers.

I understood that whatever one is possessive about,is the thing he/she loses.I used to so much protective of things that even if I don't use them,I wouldn't let it go.

But when one day,there was a little dispute with my sister,on taking the exclusive dress.I was carried away when she gave up that dress for me.But then I convinced her that she should take it anyways.From this day,I relished the Joy of Giving.Although this was just a little gesture but it really changed my thoughts.

Even in case of relationships,I have withdrawn this possessiveness.I don't fear losing even my best friend or some one special.That don't mean I don't care for them.It means that if after some efforts,I am unable to match the expectations or the other person don't like me;I would rather take a move out.I know its easy to write and say but actually implementing is really tough.But I would do the same if any one has issues with me.I really don't like faking up or unnecessarily holding something what's not mine.

Serious thoughts..Isn't?By the way,do you have issues with me?Let me know.
Lessons learnt-
1)forget and forgive.
2)Leave expectations.just chuck them.
3)Stop faking.