Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can I love you?

Can I think of you, if you don't mind getting hiccups?
Can I sing for you, if you don't mind lying for my not sweet voice?
Can I dive in your eyes ,if you know swimming?(though I won't like coming out)
Can I keep mum ,if you don't mind reading my eyes?
Can I hold your hands,if you don't mind my being in heaven?
Can I be myself,if you don't my sillyness?
Can my thoughts come to you,if you are afraid of being haunted?
Can I live for you,if you don't mind my love for you?
Can I smile for you,if you love that sight?
Can I rest my head upon your shoulders,if you don't mind getting tired?
Can I keep writing poems,if they don't bore you?
Can I love you,if don't mind getting infected with it?
Can I expect from you not to neglect my feelings,even if you don't love me?

PS-all this is a result of excessive listening of romantic music..Any resemblance found is co-incidental.Do comment if you like this from a silly heart :D
PPS-rains encouraged me to jot this one :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

मैंने प्यार किया :)

हम तुमसे प्यार करते हैं,पर दुनिया से डरते हैं,
कोई तुम्हारी पहचान मांगें तो झूठ कहते हैं
जानते हैं तुम नहीं चाहते हमें,फिर भी इन्तेजार करते हैं,
एक दिन ना जाने हुआ क्या,जो तुमने कहा की हम तुम्हे पसंद हैं
तुम्हारे लब्जों ने मुझे सातें जन्नत में पंहुचा दिया
फिर देखी मैंने अपनी दुनिया जिसमे सिर्फ मैं और मेरा पिया
पर शायद खुदा को हमारा मंजूर नहीं था,जो तुमने कहा की मैं नहीं हूँ तुम्हारी जिया
कहाँ आसमान में ले जाकर जमीन पर पटक दिया
शायद मुझसे कोई भूल हुई या क्या बात हुई,तुमने कभी नहीं उत्तर दिया
माथा अपना मारा मैंने क्यूंकि तुम्हारी पसंद को तुम्हारा प्यार समझ लिया
आँखों के सागर में डूबे हमने सोचा की पहले क्यूँ नहीं दिमाग इस्तेमाल किया
पर दिल ने एक ही जवाब दिया मैंने प्यार किया,सिर्फ और सिर्फ प्यार किया

Because you love me

Disclaimer-This post has no connection with my present life.This is totally my heart's and mind's work :)

I like the moments spent with you,because you love me and I like the fact that I am loved by someone and becuase of your love,I love thyself.
  • I love my hair only when the wind blew them;while I am riding with you on your bike and you secretly look that from the mirror
  • I love my lips when they try eatting up a single strand of my hair and only you notice that
  • I love my mouth when it always spit out something while eating and you pat on head and say be careful girl
  • I love my eyes,because of their restlessness while you dive into them without any life jacket
  • I love my feet,they allow me to walk endlessly with you
  • I love my fingers,when then type so quickly to reply to your messages telling me I am pretty etc
  • I love my ears through which I hear you calling me by my pet name.
  • I love my smile which forces you to keep me smiling and forget my sorrows
  • I love my arms as they open up easily while you give me a hug
  • I love my life for blessing me with a friend like you :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yeh Dooriyaan

Hum to akele hi khush they,par tum mil gaye to laga jannat mil gayi
Tumhari har ada ne dil ko choo lia,par shayad main nahin samjh paayi
Jab tumhare kareeb aana chaha,tab tum nahin samjh paaye,
Humne fir bhi koshish ki,lekin fir bhi tum anjaan rahe gaye.
Khud ko samjha dia maine ki shayad woh shaqs tum nahin,lekin fir bhi tum nahin ruke...