Friday, January 16, 2009

A day of Jan 2009

After two days of recovery ,I was back to college and then again to catch some sleep..Yeah thank you mam you have sweet voice that sounds as a lullaby..Was teaching us Water cycle and all those topics(blame it on syllabus,we have got Environmental Science
as a subject)
Am I boring you as well?Sorry you are reading at your risk.I amn't responsible for any inconvenience caused:p

Well I was waiting for the classes to be over and I leave for IMS GD/PI classes.My classmate backed out in the end minute.I felt bad but not really.After all,I got "Me Time".
I was also supposed to meet my friend post class..And he too cancelled the program(I know you would read this,but I won't mention your name here)
I bought some chocolates and mints for my company...Hmmm..When a chocolate melts in your mouth,a heavenly moment:)
I boarded the metro and seated myself..Firstly few moments I thought about my friends who left me alone.I talked to another friend to feel good.Thank you sweet friend....
Then I utilized MP3 facility of Express Music phone....I wasn't able to decide which kinda music shall I listen then..When i am unsure i play some songs randomly for a while and not the whole song..Let me show you some songs and the reaction to it-
a)Masakali(from Delhi 6) -being a new song,it caught my attention at present.I was bit trying to dance like Abhy follows Sonam's steps while she is dancing:sigh:
b)Yeh tumhari meri baatein-hmm..reminded me of my past when we used to talk a lot and it wouldn't end somehow..But....
c)Tinka Tinka-ahaan..I was like flying my arms and feel like I am a fairy..Of course I am 1.
d)Soldier-My man has to be strong enough to be my soldier..Need I explain anymore..Please don't tell me I need a bodyguard..I don't bodyguard:neutral:
e)Ni Nachle-a Punjabi track which makes me go foot tapping any time..Yeah I was tapping my boots(heels one not pencils heels though)
f)My heart is beating-Of course for someone special:)Am waiting
g)Mera Laung Gawacha-am Punjabi kudi if you not aware:p I was like tapping my nose a bit while listening this one...
h)Kaise mujhe(from Ghajini)-again reminded of the pain and I go numb to it..I thought of him and missed those moments..Then I spotted a cute guy in front of me and I forgot everything..Lols...Its not easy to de-learn something...
i)Kabhi Kabhi Aditi-this makes me feel special as if someone is trying to cheer me up and I smile up easily....
j)Desi girl-started foot tapping again....My boots are enough to kill anyone:p
k)Jag Soona Laage-yeah mere jag me tanhaayi hai ..but I am happy:p
l)Yehi Hota Pyaar-I wish you could understand my love for you but you can't...And I ain't any Akshaye Kumar to wait for too long for you..

I guess I didn't bored you with this stuff..At last I got out of metro and finished my chocolate bar...I never share that and luckily didn't had anyone to snatch that from me..Anyways that brownie caught my attention.. I got that warmed and added chocolate sauce..Another heavenly dessert ....I was sinfully happy....
I roamed in the markets near my class premise and then attended the class..It was really nice day ..I made some new friends and we had some fun moments while practising GDs..Never thought GDs are so much fun:p
Anyways that's all what I wanted to say about this day..Thanks to my idiot friends to cancel their programmes(smirk)..Thank You God .....
Thank you readers for reading this..