Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holding lit up candle and the wind blowing,you need to envelope the candle with your hands.This is a common sight on Diwali:)
But what thought comes to your mind while lighting the candle?Don't you wish that wind shouldn't be able blow it.
I too thought the same.Then I realised that my goals and my dreams are like this candle.
There are so many obstacles that you always need to protect them.One should live up one's dreams.You have to provide good care of them.Provide good cover to them.
Your dreams need not get assent from others.Your dreams are your children.You have to be parent your dreams and goals.
Now see,is there any difference between goals and dreams.
Dreams are your destination where you want to be and goal is the mode of transport to reach thee destination.
Stand up and keep your the light of your dream burning till you achieve it finally:)
I hope all this is not something we know but always tend to forget it and we don't give it the care needed.
God Bless !!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

There is a girl who always used to live in her world and she might be the same if she hadn't met that person...
She likes to keep her life an open book but she never follows anyone. She believes in herself and always follows her heart and not anyone else. She may take advice from her friends but she always does what she feels like doing even if that is wrong. At least then she won't have to blame anyone for anything. I admire this about her but I think she should follow more of her mind than heart.She is an angel who spreads love and happiness everywhere she goes.She has changed the life of her friends by caring for them a lot. She has a sunshine and a very sweet smile that melts the heart of onlookers. She has the real meaning of love to people around her. But when love knocked at her door, she didn't unlock her heart. I really wish her to be happy always with the one who loves her the most.
Then one day a stranger entered in her life through her blog.A complete stranger .But for him a post was enough to know her. Wonder how he managed to break the door and touch her heart. I swear its very difficult to please her.Well he is procrastinator by name and that too an ultimate one. But with that girl in his life,his tag is fading. I don't know whether if he is happy with this or not. But this is good for him. He never delays anything concerning her and is her real well wisher .He is the bravo but you know her. She won't open the door so easily.That's her condition. He is so caring that he never lets her waste single second and is ready to sacrifice for her career and life but he can't think of losing her at all.I must say, he is a real gentleman.Isn't it?I thought real gentleman and heroes existed on screen only.
I don't know what to say more but what you suggest should happen next.What you suggest??

Friday, October 10, 2008

Strange Relationship

Face glowing because of the choco facial therapy done.Nails neatly filed and painted.Eyebrows finely shaped.Hair being colored and styled.All this and more part of bridal preparations?No,its not necessary.Some indulge in these practices just to pamper oneself or maybe to please their partners.Well,I too indulged in those practices.Now you please stop wondering the reason behind it.

Well,I have observed a strange thing during these activities.There is some relationship between the length of hair and your sweetheart.Am I hearing words like idiot or stupid for myself?Please let me explain this first.As long as girls are in love/relationship,they don't mind pains of keeping long hair(if they have long hair).Mostly all guys love long hair of their girlfriends and they never allow to get hair being even trimmed.But if they broke up or are on the verge of break up,girls always firstly get the make over done by getting hair shorter.The most common excuse is that difficulty of maintaining the long hair.Girls do that intentionally to hurt the guys.Now before the break up,wasn't that difficult to maintain the long length of hair.Now you won't call me crazy na...
By the way,I am planning for getting my hair shorter too.

P.S.-There is no prize in guessing my relationship status.Prospective guys can file their nominations(lols).Just kidding...I am silly girl,don't remind me that.Take care!!!