Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can I love you?

Can I think of you, if you don't mind getting hiccups?
Can I sing for you, if you don't mind lying for my not sweet voice?
Can I dive in your eyes ,if you know swimming?(though I won't like coming out)
Can I keep mum ,if you don't mind reading my eyes?
Can I hold your hands,if you don't mind my being in heaven?
Can I be myself,if you don't my sillyness?
Can my thoughts come to you,if you are afraid of being haunted?
Can I live for you,if you don't mind my love for you?
Can I smile for you,if you love that sight?
Can I rest my head upon your shoulders,if you don't mind getting tired?
Can I keep writing poems,if they don't bore you?
Can I love you,if don't mind getting infected with it?
Can I expect from you not to neglect my feelings,even if you don't love me?

PS-all this is a result of excessive listening of romantic music..Any resemblance found is co-incidental.Do comment if you like this from a silly heart :D
PPS-rains encouraged me to jot this one :D