Thursday, July 31, 2008

My First Adventure

Though I am not adventurous ,but when I got the opportunity for it,I grabbed it with my both hands.Lats year when I was on vacation with my family,I was given choices between boat ride and snorkeling to have the glimpse of correls.

Earlier,I was scary about going under the water and be spotted around the fish.How will I distinguish friendly fish among non friendly?Then I thought that it was first opportunity for me to go risky and adventurous.I was waiting for my chance then.I was looking at other fellows who were going and coming.The sight of their safe coming,gave me a relief.

Till then i was collecting some sea shells.The variety of shapes and colors in sea shells always attract me to carry some with me.But I fell bad that creature under it,will become homeless because of me.How can be I so so cruel and rude to any living being?I put them back in the water again.

At last!!!My turn came.When I viewed the huge body of water ;I wondered how deep I will go and will I go and touch the point where the river meets the sea.Silly me!!I think a lot and then curiosity is good thing too.

Anyways we(3fellow passengers,my dad and me) stood together and bonded by a common water tube that held us above water.My face was covered with oxygen mask and eye goggles.Then we started walking ahead.I was shocked when I was realising that I am no longer able to stand properly.Perhaps i was going deeper.It was like as if I have slipped the stairs and still gravitational force pulling me inside.Breathing through those pipes was very tough for me.I wanted to go back but if I would have asked for going back then others could not continue either.
But then my guide told me to float on the water.I got mad and was thinking is he crazy that am I light as a feather to float?As I tried moving my legs backward towards up,I felt like a mermaid.

Next task was to dive under the water and look for corals.The visibility was poor due to accumulation of rain water in the sea.Still I manged to go bit deep and have a look.The guide brought a corral for us to see.I was happy to see it and it gave me a sense of accomplishment that as if I had been to Great correl reef of Australia.

Coming back to the sea shore was easier as I got comfortable in floating back.I had done it.I am thrilled and excited to see new side of my life.This being my first adventurous activity will be remembered as fresh as ever.I am proud of myself.I am looking for more adventurous.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

W@Y Of LiFe

Life is not always as you want it to be.Sometimes,it is better or it may be be worse.That's
what we call A Way Of Life.
  • When you love someone and your love is not always reciprocated.That's a way of life.
  • When you are not expecting something,life drops some surprises.Some are sweet while other are terrifying.That's a way of life.
  • When you are hurted ,you fell you are being wrongly punished for not doing anything wrong.But that serves as a lesson to grow up stronger through pains.That's a way of life.
  • When you forgive someone for hurting you.Its doesn't matter to everyone but that person still pelts stone at you. That's a way of life.
  • When you lose your selfishness to become selfless;It again becomes difficult to become selfish again.That's a way of life yet so true.
  • When you are sad,nobody notices you.That's a way of life.
  • When you want that no one see you for instance at a date;then someone catch you red handed. That's a way of life.
  • When you are its too dark and lonely,suddenly your mobile lighten up either with a message or a call from our dear or near ones that you are not alone.That's a way of life.
  • When you dress up to look ordinary and you become the cynosure of all eyes.then you need a mirror to accept your beauty and your goodness. That's a way of life.
  • To the world you are one living creature but to one person you might mean the whole world.That's a way of life.
  • When you think you are getting upset,just tune in some music and start dancing to its tune.That's a way of life to de stress yourself.
  • When it comes to relationships,never expect anything but always fulfill every expectation of the other person.That's a way of life yet so true.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friendship Versus Love

Sometimes,I really wonder if there is some difference between the two.I believe strongly in friendship but about love,I amn't sure whether it exists or not.

As per my life experience,in place of love-infatuation,crushes and attraction that occurs.What is love??According to Erich Sehgal "Love is never having to say you are sorry"(Love Story)
So many people believe in love and say that pairs are made in heaven.So how can Know who is made for me?can I go to heaven and check my partner.No na.Then How can I believe in such things?Its not that I am against love.The matter of fact is that I await to experience it.I know I am asking for true love.I know thats quite difficult thing.I would rather say
"True love is like ghost heard by all but seen by few."
But still,I want to that few spieces that I want to go for difficult things.I think I will get it because of my positive attitude.

But still there is so much confusions between friendship.I think love exist in friendship too.I have so many friends who are like my jewelery who adorn my life.i care for them so much that I don't need to determine my care for them.Isn't that love??Love exist in friendship too.Never ending love and care.Can't we say that is love and it is spread so widely.

Love isn't confined to your partner or spouse.But it is everywhere.It lies in every relation but its intensity is different.Its depend on how deeply attached you are to the person.I love some friends whom I just adore a lot.The geographical distance might be too much but they the distance between our hearts is nil.Even if I amn't in touch with them,they never feel that they are forgotten and not even me think I am lonely and forgotten.

About the other love,I am still waiting for the right person at the right time and the right place.For the time moment,I have my hands full with my priorities of my life.But the search begins.....

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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Beauty Charm

When I see my self in mirror,I can some face Looking at me.Sometimes,I see innocence.Sometimes,I see innocence..Perhaps,I have beautiful hair.Or my eyes are quite deep.Am I really beautiful?Or am I in love?But there is no soul that can connect me in my heart.No one has wooed me yet.Then what is it?I don't know where to search for the answer.Do I really need love in my life?I need to figure out what makes me feel beautiful.Another question,how to do know this??

That day,I was traveling in a three wheeler on a rainy day.Rain is enough reason for me to smile.Drops chatter and patter.I put my hand out to catch some drops.The look like a pearl to me.
Anyways,the rear mirror caught my eyes.I was left wondering at my own sight.I was thinking who is this new girl in my face.Why I am looking different?What have I done to look different?The innocence at my face and have its own beauty to depict.Beauty is a weapon and Smile is its sword.So whats making my face prettier than before.I was just removing some dirt from my ear.This hided my pearl earring for a while.I didn't like my face without it.

Ahaan,its my pearl top that's making me look good.Because its white and goes well along my fair face.Its simply beautifying my look.I love it.Now I realised that pearl is my beauty charm if not lucky charm.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have this habit of reading my horoscope in my newspaper.It happened a day when my telecast read that I was required to be to kind and polite to strangers.Wow.Am I meet my prince dearest today??How would I recognize him?Where would i meet him??Would he approach me first or I will have to approach?"Jaane woh kaisa hoga re??"Will I have to wait for me him at metro station??Or he would he lend me his hand while me chasing metro ala DDLJ style??I was daydreaming and my mom pulled me by arm and scolded me sapne dekhna band kar aur zamin pe aaja.I was like shocked haven't I been in a metro with my prince???

After my lunch,I got ready for my classes.I was at my best(blush).I brushed my hair open and walked out.
I was listening "kahin to hogi vo" and imagined someone singing it for me.I smiled and when I was smiling,some people around me returned smile.I was scared itne buddhe log mujhe kyun smiling??I am waiting for some one else.Huh.I ran away from that place and reached the station to catch the train.
I was looking all the guys if I like anyone from them(sigh).Koi pasand nahin aaya usme se.I didnt lost hope because the day isnt over yet.

I board the train to Kashmere Gate.Where to look for him??Do I have to roam around in this congested metro or would reach me himself.

Earlier,I used to read a book or text all the time in metro.Now I was listening latest tracks and looking here and there.

I reached Kashmere gate.Will he be following the same route as me??Will he walk to me himself?Will he meet me at exit of metro station??

So many questions with answers known to God.Where will I go?Anyways,I can't waste my time waiting(I hate waiting).I still browse through all the faces.No one comes to claim my prize(according to my scope).I carry on and board the next metro to Rajiv Chowk...I wait some time till I amnt late for my class.I spotted a cute guy with innocence on his face.But then,I amnt in bad luck,his girlfriend is holding his hand(I wish I know some abuses to abuse that girl)

Now I have to hop on another metro to reach a station.I have a class to attend.Two hours of non stop class.My class lacks that kinda smarty I am looking for.But,There are say around for around 50 guys in institute premises,this World is full of people.

Atlast class is over,I am to follow same metro to go home.This time,I amn't looking for that stranger(: x).I am reading a novel and humming song that is being played in my ears through my mp3.

Some people come and just peep a bit to read a title of my book or peek a boo in it.I think can they read the whole book by catching few words like they peep in as if looking for a treasure.

I overhear some whispers and laugh on me or my book.I dont understand whats the hell wrong with people.Have I committed a crime if I am reading a romantic novel"Love Story" by Erich Sehgal.

Nothing significant happened meanwhile.Then another guy came and stood me.I thought he is the one.He was looking at me and me looking at him.I thought would he say something or not??I was flattered by his decent looks.And he got down from the next metro.:(

I reached the desired station and now I had lost some hope of finding some one.I get down the station.As I was about to board feeder bus,I saw a familiar face.I had to ponder too much to think where have I seen him before?He too was amused by the way I was gazing him and not been able to recognize him.

A minute passed thinking.Then he approached me and he said "hi shruti".I was dumbfounded that how he know my name.I was still scared to react then,he told me he was my senior in my school.He knew me because he had crush on me.I was to faint now.Someone had crush on me?Anyways,then I was so busy blabbering with him,that I didnt knew how my time passed so fast.

A call from home.I forgot that I have worrisome parents.I had to leave him in some hurry.I was rushing that he gave me his no. and I couldn't give mine.

I forgot that I finally met a stranger.Thank to that astrologer.Now don't ask who was he or any other personal questions.Read the blog and leave comment please.....

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Unexpected Experiment


Aim-To see how deep my mind can go in short time.Not every dumbo is exactly a dumbo.You never know how smart a person is...:wink:

Instruments Required-A non working or not so intelligent brain.

While listing down my hobbies in a slam book,I wrote reading as one of the hobby.Then I was thinking what exactly I like to read-a novel or
management book or self help book or comics or stories(not to mention my course books-that's not a hobby).
ahaaan that reminds me that my life consists of so many stories.Don't be ridiculous.Every relationship is like a story untold to others.Likewise,My relation with each of my friend has a its story.Hey.don't remind me that I have stolen this dialogue from movie "Hum Tum".

Some stories had d starting and happy ending and some started badly.Sadly few stories have ended and some have caught the grip again.Some are really beautiful that I have met my angel in one of them.I have some jewels priceless like pearls who adorn my life.A quote comes to my mind while thinking about relationships.

"Relationships of all kinds are like sand held in your hand.Held loosely,with an open hand and squeeze tightly to hold on,the sand trickles through your fingers.You may hold on some of it,but most of it will be spilled.A relationship is like that.Held loosely ,with respect and freedom for the other person,it is likely to remain intact.But held too possessively & the relationship slips away & is lost."

During my life time till the date ,I have
innumerable people who have changed me or influenced my life somewhat.
Some people come into our lives & quickly go.Some stay for a while & leave footprints on our heart & we are never,ever the same ."

Just like Emperor Akbar's NavRatnas,I too have my Ratnas.Just like Ratnas ,they have distinct names & properties .These are as follows(in alphabetical order,no rankings)-

First & foremost thing about him is he is an extrovert.He speaks too much but don't talk rubbish.Earlier,I thought he is very boring(hey please,don't kill me for my honesty) and he might had been an Interviewer in his last life.
But time proved me wrong.I was supposed to meet him at PG meet but met him later at a Quant workshop.Lols.Even before meeting,we became good friends that he encouraged me to leave my Introvert nature and come out of my shell.Now I talk too much and irritate him(I think he gets irritated but he don't show it) .In short he is a "friend in need is a friend indeed".

Same case.First impression is the last 1 went wrong.I still laugh when I look back at how he welcomed(ragged)me when I newly joined a public forum.I am happy for him he converted
IIM Shillong.When I met him,he seems to be a decent personality with down to earth nature.He cracks jokes but not at someone.Before he left,I came to know him better.He guided me a lot for all cases whether its my blog or cat or even my fights with my friends.Very sweet friend.He understands me well.I too don't know whats that in him which makes me trust him blindly.

He came to know me at first instance while chatting on a forum.He associated my personality with "Morose & The
Violin"..This phrase has a beautiful and deep meaning behind it..Some intelligent species can understand only.He don't mind my tantrums.hehehe...We share the hobby of reading books.He is regular to updates on my blogs and inspire me a lot to write more.He can make up a good counsellor or psychologist.He is already nominated as A Community leader.I wish to be a leader like him...

Haresh mandani
Some people are really
philanthropic and friend for life.He is very caring & helpful person I have ever met.Some people don't want to show that they care but they really do.He comes in the category of people who can do anything for anyone.One of the greatest cook I have ever come across yet.Perfect house husband(I know you will kill me now)but I know truth is and the first philanthropist I have come across.I am running out words yaar...Abhi aur bhi spam karna hai:wink:

Another case of first impression
went wrong & that too because I thought she is proudy and another typical Delhi girl.It was at the end of our classes when we kept in touch and came to know each other well.I realised she likes my company and treats me like her younger sister.She is very matured & determined kinda girl that blackmailing don't melt her at all.One of the intelligent spiece in my world.Don't like my tantrums but still let me win the fights though.She cares a lot for me and knows what I like in type of food or dress .My Best friend.Though I annoy her a lot and she loses temper then but she cools down soon too..

Mukul(Hacker & Researcher)
Met him through my parents in Singapore.My father's friend's son.Very
talkative and homesick at that time.I was as usual shy and reserved because I never thought that I would be able to keep in touch with him after my trip in Singapore.But then for reasons,my dad gave me his contact details(he was hoping that the communication might be over after the work).Though I was also thinking that it might be over like this but time proved me wrong.As i came to know him,he is very decent guy.He is like my mentor and pampers me a lot.He gave me so many lessons of life that I really don't know how to pay him tribute for the same.

My Senior.True friend in my college.Now her days are over and college would look empty without her presence.We both are photogenic and love giggling.It was her trust in me that made me bonded with her well.A go-getter.Scolds me when I even shed a tear.Another thing common between us is that we love dancing and are great dancers and big
foodies too.I miss dose mo mos that we ate on my birthday.But madam ji mujhe barf ki gola (chuski) nahin khane deti hai.I remember that day @ University fest ,she threw it forcibly from my hands.I will miss you in college.

Rahul Khanna(budhu)
One of the
lalluest student in the best college of I.P.University.Don't know how he came across my profile on Orkut & why I was an idiot to accept without having any valid reasons for the same.But now I am happy with my mistake.lols.Bacha hai yeh.Ladkiyaan chedta nahi sirf dekhta hai.hehehe..But he is true hearted and genuine person.Blackmailing bahut achi aati hai inko.He gets angry when I even frown and if I do any mischief or shed a tear,he scolds me a lot.Don't forget me,Mr.Khaaana..

Met through a mutual friend on Orkut.Friend for friend and enemy for enemy.Quite stylish.Keep on experimenting new
hairstyle or wardrobe.Seems to be ATTITUDE guy but He IS NT.He is a night bird(ullu).You can call him or text him anytime on his Hot line no.lols.Deep thinker.Analyses the situation very well before coming to solution.He don't know how to say No to me for anything.Fastest text replier.

I miss those I have loved who are no longer with me but I find I am grateful to them for having them in my life.The gratitude has finally conquered the loss."

Just imagine I was filling up a slam book and I have reached so far.If I continued like this how much time would take filling a slam book.You(readers) can resume back to your work and I continue mine.Thank you for wasting your idle/precious time here.

a)Don't think too much while filing a slam book.

b)Preserve time & mind from jumping from one thought to another so fast.

c)Such deep thinking can be good & sometimes it can cost too much time(like here-such a long blog:(

d)Let your friends know what are your thoughts about them.

e)Get their consent before writing about them which I
haven't done.

f)Friends have Supreme Importance over boyfriend.:)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do You KNow Why??

Do you know why I love you?
Because you have made my World so beautiful.
Do you know why I love you?
because you kiss away my blues.
Do you know why I love you?
because you are the rose of my life.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are the breath of my life.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are the heartbeat of my heart.
Do you know why I love you?
Because your hugs are warm enough to keep off winters.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are the world to me and not a person of a world.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are the guiding star of my life.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are God's present to me.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you understand me without listening any sound.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are a ray of hope for me.
Do you know why I love you?
Because I pray for your dreams to be true.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are the one with whom I wanna share my life.
Do you know why I love you?
Because you are my better half.
Do you know why I love you?
Because I wanna know why I love me....

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is thing is a small gift to my friends ....I know this is quiet childish 1 but I wrote this three years back..Just to say Thanks to all my friends..Each and everyone who have been a part of my life even though for a short time...Every moment has been full of life for me with you friends....Cheers to all my friends..Here I present a small poem for you..Dont laugh even if you dont like it.

A friend in need is friend indeed,
Friend is a person by whom our wounds are healed,
A friend with whom secrets are shared
& each other's feelings are shared.
Thanks to God's precious gift
of a person who rises our spirits.
A friend is a star who always shine
in the sweet little heart of mine.
Friend is like a jewel,
who adds value to our life.
Life without friend is just like,
a SUN without any warmth & light.

So friends ,I leave this poem to you..I have wish that who all visit my this poem and if you consider me as your buddy,so please leave your footprints for me.I hope you are smart enough to understand what I say.I would love cherish them forever..

samjhane wale ki saral bhasha me kehti hun-comment likh dio..come on cn't I expect this much from you...take care..long live our friendship

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