Friday, August 19, 2011

कुछ उन्सुल्झी बातें

ना तुम हमें याद करते हो
ना तुम हमे भूल पाते हो
ना हमारे करीब आते हो
ना हमें दूर जाने देते हो
ना तुम हमारे संग रह सकते हो
ना हमारे बिन रहने की समता रखते हो
प्यार तो करते नहीं फिर भी क्यूँ इतना सताते हो

Tum Bin :)

Aksar lagta hain ki tujhme mujhe "woh" mil gaya jiska intezaar tha
Par kabhi tum zara bhi waise nahin lagte
Kabhi to tum meri khamoshi bhi padh lete ho,
lekin kisi pal me to meri baatein bhi tumhari samjh se bahar hoti hain
Aati hain jab hichki to naam humesha tumhara hi aata hain
Fir chahe yaad koi aur kae lekin yeh kambhakt dil leta hi tumhara naam hain
Jaanti hun tum mujhse meelon door ho ,lekin dil se bahut kareeb ho
Phir na jaane kyun har chehra hubahu tumsa lagta hain :)


After being together for endless days
here we part to our own ways
It all happened one not so fine day
How I forget the date-Fourth of May
But before we unhold each others' hands
Let me get hold of from Potter's wand
to recreate the sudden so lost love
which was so beautiful as a dove
How you forget "The Walk to Remember"
on the roads of DU along with our song-Love in December
Tea-holic you converted me to love that hazelnut coffee
I broke your introvertism to gossiper in that lobby
Despite being a non-swimmer,but in your eyes I could always dive,
Both of us being two left foot,still managed to Jive
Those were our love filled days
Hope to be back is there though just a ray