Friday, August 19, 2011


After being together for endless days
here we part to our own ways
It all happened one not so fine day
How I forget the date-Fourth of May
But before we unhold each others' hands
Let me get hold of from Potter's wand
to recreate the sudden so lost love
which was so beautiful as a dove
How you forget "The Walk to Remember"
on the roads of DU along with our song-Love in December
Tea-holic you converted me to love that hazelnut coffee
I broke your introvertism to gossiper in that lobby
Despite being a non-swimmer,but in your eyes I could always dive,
Both of us being two left foot,still managed to Jive
Those were our love filled days
Hope to be back is there though just a ray

1 comment:

Ankur said...

Nice one. Some special people do indeed change us for good and complete us in many ways. :) Cheers.